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General FAQs

What type of trips do you offer?

MGFC provides inshore and offshore fishing charters from Venice, Louisiana

Do you have lodging?

Yes, we have lodging at Venice Marina, at Cypress Cove Marina, and five minutes drive north of both marinas on LA Highway 23 – at Cobia Villas. Nightly rates start at $350.

What do I need to bring with me if I book a trip?

A positive attitude, and then the fishing essentials … whatever food you want to eat and drink, just bring it to the boat (no ice chests, please) we’ll stow on board for you. Sunglasses, sunscreen (but not the spray kind, please – or use that before stepping on boat), rain gear if weather calls for it – friends and family.

What time should I show up for my trip?

We say 5:45am, but time varies depending on time of year and weather conditions. Captains will call or text you 1-2 days in advance of your trips. You’ll pick the right time then.

What happens if my trip gets cancelled due to weather?

Weather can be an issue, more so offshore than inshore. If conditions are unsafe, and we cannot run your trip, don’t worry — your deposits are good for up to one year from the original trip date. Deposits are non-refundable.

How do I reschedule trips cancelled by weather?

It’s simple. Send an email request to our booking office, or use the contact form on this website. It helps if you have your order number. Pick the date or a range of dates that work for you, and our booking office will update your existing order, and then we send you a confirmation.

What marina do you dock your boats at?

Venice Marina, 237 Sports Marina Road in Venice, Louisiana

Do you pack and ship my fish?

We will clean, cut and bag the fish you catch. Transport away from the marina is up to you. The marina can help with packing and shipping for freight or air travel.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes! Everyone older than 16 must have a license. Get these online at the State LaDWF website, and look for the 3-day charter passenger license

How to Book?

How do I book trips?

Use this website to book online. All bookings are first come, first serve.

Can I book multiples boats or trips on one ticket?

Yes, you can. Use the booking pages. Select the first item you want (inshore, offshore, or lodging), and then … just before entering your contact information at checkout, click the link at the top of that page which says: “Make Another Booking.” – this puts everything on one order number

Is a deposit required?

Yes, we charge a $416 deposit on all charters, this goes towards the full fee. Note: Deposits are non-refundable, and are valid for transfer — only when trips are cancelled due to weather issues (good for up to one year from original date)

How / when do I pay my balance?

Pay your balance with your captain on the day of the trip – cash or credit card, at the dock

What Does it Cost?

How much are fishing trips with MGFC?

Inshore fishing is $1,000 for up to three passengers, $1,200 for up to four. Offshore trips are $2100 + fuel on our 37ft boats, and $2300 + fuel on our 42/44 ft boats

What does fuel cost?

Fuel average is 250 gallons per day, pay price at the dock

Are there any other costs on inshore trips?

Yes,  live bait averages $85 per boat, per day; fuel average is 25-30 gallons

Does MGFC have lodging?

What lodging options do you have?

MGFC offers lodging at Venice Marina (2 houses), at Cypress Cove Marina (1 townhouse), and condos at Cobia Villas – which is located five minute drive north of the Marina

Lodging costs?

$350 per night at Cobia Villas, $800 at Venice Marina, $550 at Cypress Cove. Plus cleaning fees, all taxes are included.

How many people does each condo sleep?

Each villa sleeps six people. Our Venice Marina Fish House sleeps 10-12, Captains Den sleeps eight, and Cypress Cove sleeps six. Everyone gets their own beds.

What’s included in the lodging?

We provide use of our condo facilities. You get clean sheets, soap, towels, and full kitchens with utensils and coffee makers. All units are non smoking. Please keep the places clean, and remove trash on the morning of your checkout.

What time is checkin / checkout?

Checkin is 3pm; checkout is 10am – no exceptions.

Will I be able to return to the condo to shower after my trip?

If you did not book the night of your trip date, then you will not be able to return for any reason. If you know you want to shower or relax after your trip, please book two nights.

Will the boats pick us up at our condo?

If you book one of our Marina houses, yes, our boats can pick you up there

Other Questions

What is the max number of people per boat?

Six people is max per boat offshore, four is max number inshore

How long are fishing trips?

Offshore average is 9-to-10 hours each day, or sooner if the fish box is full. Inshore trips run between 5-6 hours

How far is Venice from New Orleans?

It’s about 90 miles, and it takes between 1 hour and 45 minutes, and up to 2 or more hours depending on traffic, time of day, and weather conditions.

Are there restaurants or grocery stores in Venice?

Each marina has a restaurant. They both have convenience stores, too – but do not have grocery stores. Do your shopping before you reach Venice.

Do you offer package deals?

Not necessarily, however – if you want to book multiples boats across two or more days + lodging, use the contact form to tell us what you want, and we can help set it up for you.

What is the best time to fish?

Fishing down here is a year round deal. See the home page to look at which species are most prevalent at any given time of year. And keep in mind: Summer time is generally the most activity inshore and offshore, Fall and Winter is when the big tuna and the biggest bull reds show up. But, we can target a variety of species year round

How far in advance do I have to book?

We see bookings start to fill up 4-6 months ahead throughout the year. September and October are popular, and those fill fast. We open new calendars for the year ahead in the middle of June each year. And it is common for many of our repeat customers to book trips then for the latter half of the new year. Don’t wait til the last minute.

Do you keep a waiting list?

No, we do not. Book online, first come, first serve

What is your refund policy?

Deposits are non-refundable. These are good for transfer on any weather cancelled trip. Condo fees are refundable, if your trip was cancelled due to weather, and if you did not stay for the nights you booked – please note: You must contact the booking office 24 hours in advance if not checking in because of a weather cancellation. Contact booking office if you are not checking in due to weather issues by email or text message.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 30 days or more in advance your deposit is valid for transfer, and it’s good for up to one year. If you cancel 30 days or less in advance, it’s 50% charge. If you cancel 7 days or less in advance of your trip its 100% charge.