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mahi-mahi photo, louisiana, mexican gulf fishing, venice, laCatch Mahi-Mahi with MGFC from Venice, LA

Mahi-Mahi (aka, Dolphin) are exceptional game fish that are delicious to eat, and fun to catch.

In many ways, we think of Mahi-Mahi as the perfect gamefish, because when the schools of Dolphin are found they aggressively attack baits. and they almost always put on an impressive show. Wanna have a blast catching dolphin with MGFC?

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Our season for Mahi-Mahi is in the Summer months, where we find them roaming the open waters of the gulf, in big schools in a never-ending search for food.

Fast and aggressive swimmers, Mahi-Mahi are also known as Dolphin or Dorado.

The great thing about catching Mahi-Mahi is that you won’t just catch one! They eat, constantly. They bite, at everything. And, … once hooked, they jump, skip and careen across the water in a acrobatic feast for the eyes as their already impressive colors, turn positively neon where they truly shine.

Mahi-Mahi facts

  • Swim in large schools
  • Go crazy for many baits, and swarm with activity
  • Excellent food quality, delicious grilled
  • Schools known to follow frigate birds
  • Best fish for kids because of action and jumps
  • Cows between 30-40 pounds
  • Big bulls to 50 pounds

At MGFC we use a variety of fishing techniques for Mahi-Mahi. But, with this democratic denizen of the open water, it’s anything goes! We find schools by trolling, by searching for visual signs and clues, and by looking along weed lines and any sort of large, floating objects. When it comes to Mahi-Mahi, … you’ll know it the moment we hit a “hot school!”

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