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mangrove snapper photo. Catch Mangrove Snapper with MGFC from Venice, LA

When you’ve reached your limit of Red Snapper (and we will), there’s still plenty of fishing in the same area that can be done using similar technique.

Mangrove Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, and Grouper are tasty, nice sized fish that can be caught in similar fashion and in many instances, the same waters as Red Snapper.

Red Snapper is one of a staple in Gulf rigs and reef fishing, but other snappers such as Mangrove most certainly fit the bill.

At MGFC, we use a variety of technique to catch snapper. But, most commonly, these fish are caught near oil rigs, and in many cases, from Venice, that means a short ride to prime fishing grounds.

“Red Snapper are plentiful,” says Capt. Kevin Beach “But, we all know the problems we face with regards to federal regulations. We take customers out for Red Snapper, reach that limit, then turn our attention to other fish such as mangroves and grouper.”

Best thing about going for snapper and Grouper? It’s close fishing, with many large fish accumulating near the closest rigs, only a few miles out of Southwest Pass.

Mangrove Snapper facts

  • reef fish who can be found under wrecks, rock reefs and platforms
  • average weight is 5 – 7 pounds
  • maximum weight is 20 pounds

Book a Snapper trip with MGFC, first, we’ll get everyone a limit of Reds, then fill the boat with Mangrove, Vermillion and Grouper, too. Let’s go fish for Snapper & Grouper, from Venice, LA.






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