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tilefish photo louisiana, mexican gulf fishing companyCatching Golden Tilefish in Louisiana, with MGFC

Tilefish, also known as Golden Tilefish or Blanquillo, are odd and interesting creatures, found at great depths in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana.

They’re sometimes referred to as “the Clown of the Sea.”

At MGFC, we encounter tilefish in  500 to 1,000 feet of water. Our most common method of catching this species is to use an electric rig to pull the critters up from the depths.

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They feed in daylight, and like to stay in waters that are between 47 to about 53°F. It feeds most heavily between late morning and early afternoon, and moves slowly along the bottom in subdued light around structures such as oil rigs and other platforms.

The best months for tilefish are in the winter. Electric reels and the strongest rods, weighted with lead weights, are the most common approach.

“It used to be we would always put the rod in a holder, but with lighter lines and lighter weights, we sometimes have anglers hand hold the electric reels like they’re grouper fishing,” says Capt. Kevin Beach, on the Pale Horse.

The great thing about catching tilefish is that it is a unique experience, they taste great, and there is just something wild and primitive about the way they look. Tilefish take bait instantly when it’s feeding time, and will fight for about the first 100 feet or so. As they ascend and the water pressure changes, they succumb to the changes in pressure and settle calmly. There is no such thing as throwing back a tilefish; 1. they taste fantastic, 2. the mortality rate from the bottom at great depths is 100 percent.

Another fish often found at these great depths, is the snowy grouper. Also a great tasting delicacy, the snowy grouper lives longer than a tilefish, and grows to higher weights. While most tilefish top out at 40 or so pounds, snowy grouper can reach up to 70 pounds.

Tilefish facts

  • Average length of 38 – 45 inches
  • Average weight of 10 – 20 pounds
  • Some weight as much as 40 pounds
  • Deep, bottom feeder
  • Most taken at 400 feet +
  • Good food quality

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