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jordan ellis photo - mgfc websiteWahoo Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Long, slender bodies marked with zebralike stripes of white and deep blue — sometimes black. Wahoo have elongated mouths and razor-sharp teeth. These creatures are bad-ass, almost prehistoric looking fish, that swim fast, and fight fiercely — making for a fun day on the water in the Gulf of Mexico.

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These fast paced fish are a helluva a challenge. Their strength, fast runs and fierce nature make them among the most prized of all big game fish in Louisiana, and they make for “unreal” table fare.

Common at 30-50 pounds, but they can grow up to 90 – 100, with a maximum potential of about 180. World record: 184 pounds, Louisiana record: 139.

Crazy good table fare. Most consider it better than tuna sashimi. But, … cook wahoo at high temps, and quickly to seal in the flavor. It also is a good smoking fish

Wahoo strike surface baits in spectacular fashion, but seldom jump after being hooked. Fights are often marked by a series of sizzling runs, usually at or near the surface. Wahoo are one of the fastest of all gamefish.

Wahoo facts

  • Found on or off the continental shelf
  • Prefers deep blue water
  • Found by working dropoffs, weed lines, seamounts & oil rigs
  • Best months are December – March
  • 15-30 miles off the Venice, LA coast is prime Wahoo territory

At MGFC we use a variety of tackle and techniques to catch Wahoo. Many are hooked on heavy tackle. Best choices are light to medium ocean trolling outfits with lines up to 30-pound; 50-pound isn’t too heavy for good sport with the larger fish. A few have been caught by ocean casting with spinning and bait casting tackle — even fly tackle on rare occasions. Surface trolling is sometimes effective, but deep trolling is much more likely to produce a Wahoo.

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