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Catch yellowfin tuna venice, LA. Book a charter trip with MGFC the Yellowfin tuna experts in Venice, LAYellowfin Tuna Venice

People talk about who has the best yellowfin tuna fishing in the world — Mexico, Panama, SoCal — but it’s just that: idle chatter. Hands down & bar none: The best yellowfin tuna fishing is in Venice, LA. 

Yellowfin tuna venice: the best yellowfin fishing is in Venice, LA, and the best charter company for yellowfin tuna is Mexican Gulf Fishing Co. (MGFC). We’re the yellowfin experts in the yellowfin capital of the USA — book now to fish yellowfin tuna in Venice, LA.

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At MGFC, our skills are top tier, and our equipment is unmatched. Our catamarans, custom built for us by Freeman Boatworks, will take you through the waves without a hitch, and our captains — take pride in mastering the skills needed to put you on the best yellowfin trip you’ll ever experience.

Unlike other fishing spots in the world, Louisiana’s coastal waters provide year-round fishing opportunities for Tuna.

The best months for Big Ass Yellowfin Tuna are during the fall and winter months. A well known spot for catching Tuna is the Midnight Lump, located 17 miles out of Southwest Pass. Numerous platforms and oil rigs here provide man-made reefs for bait fish to thrive in. These platforms provide plenty of action to fish tuna year round.

The great thing about catching tuna is they travel at high speeds and in large schools. What’s that mean to you? It means tuna fishing is challenging and exciting, and it means we’ll get you plenty of action.

Anglers spend a good amount of time researching the world’s best yellowfin tuna fishing destinations. We’ve had fishermen tell us they’ve been to Panama, Mexico, The Bahamas, and Southern California, and that nothing compares to a tuna trip right here in our own backyard. In a word, we think it’s “Epic” in Venice, LA. Give us a call to book your tuna trip now.

Yellowfin tuna facts

  • yellowfin tuna are often caught traveling in large schools
  • often seen crashing the surface of the water, even going airborne
  • Federal limit is 3 per person
  • Average weight is around 60 – 80 lbs.
  • But, many are as large as 180 – 200

At MGFC we use a variety of fishing techniques that include: chumming, top water fishing, live baiting, and kite fishing. Everyone on board will have the opportunity to bring back three tuna, which is the Louisiana limit. We have four fast and comfy catamarans that will get you quickly and safely to the best yellowfin tuna fishing. Book a tuna trip with MGFC now!

Whether you’re an experienced tuna angler, or a first timer, give us a call. Let’s go tuna fishing!

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