Fish Reports Venice, LA - MGFC

Capt Billy Wells double tuna photo

Capt. Billy Wells, proud owner of the new 37ft Wild Bill, (built by Freeman Boatworks), had a nice day at the office this week when he put long-time customers Tom Steed and crew on a slew of fish.

Steed and his friends have been fishing with Wells for more than 10 years. They travel to Venice, LA from Key Largo, FL. They come for the non-stop action, and for big fish, and that’s exactly what Wells delivered with this outing.

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yellowfin tuna - venice, la. photo, mgfc.

Captains Kevin Beach, Billy Wells, Jordan Ellis and Travis Mayeux have been booked solid through the month of June, and the fishing has been fantastic.

When asked to describe the action, Capt. Beach says, “bait, bait, bait, bait, bait, and more bait!” It’s here, and the fish are loving it.

The Fish Report Venice, La for June, 2014? All four of MGFC’s captains report plentiful bait in the Gulf right now. Pogies, redfin, herring, and hard tails are abundant.

When asked what they’ve been catching, Wells says, “tuna, tuna, tuna. We’ve been putting our customers on lots and lots of tuna. We had a phenomenal week at the end of June, and really hit July running with big mahi mahi, a few marlin, and lots of tuna.”

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