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thresher sharks gulf of mexico. Capt. Jordan Ellis, MGFC. Venice, LA

Is there’s one species of fish that really gets the adrenaline flowing — for nearly all anglers — it’s the shark. Capt. Jordan Ellis has caught plenty in his decade long career as a professional guide, and many more as he grew up fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Jordan put two charter groups on thresher sharks recently while fishing out of Venice Marina in the Gulf of Mexico.

Thresher sharks are strange and weird looking creatures. Average lengths are 12-15 feet long, with weights in the 200-400 pound range most common. They’re good fighting fish, though protected so it’s catch and release only. The unique thing about thresher sharks is their tail — it can be almost as long as their body — which makes it a sight to see once you realize what you’ve got on the line, and as you get it close to the boat.

There are three species of thresher sharks: the common thresher, bigeye thresher, and pelagic thresher sharks. They love warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico and can be found swimming at a wide ranges of depths.

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kevin beach photo. captain of the pale horse, mexican gulf fishing photo, venice, la

Captain Kevin Beach: Born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, I’ve been fishing the Venice area for thirty years. I grew up with one sister and five brothers, and fishing was the only thing I could do better than all of my brothers. I stuck to it, and when I was twelve or so, I started wanting to know why fish were found where they were, why they were doing what they were doing, how I could improve as a fisherman.

Something clicked for me, something that’s still there. I’m Capt. Kevin Beach, and I fish from Venice, LA.

I’ve been a full-time guide for twelve years, and I’ve been a First Mate on a 112-foot boat and Captain on 26-foot, 30-foot, and 61-foot boats.

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