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37ft freeman zach lewis mgfc photo

Zach Lewis took delivery of MGFC’s newest 37ft Freeman Boatworks catamaran last week. So far, the boat has run three trips, and it’s turning heads all across the Southeast.

We ran an online contest asking fans and followers to chime in when they saw the vessel in transit from the Freeman facility in South Carolina to it’s MGFC home at Venice Marina. People sure do love these 37ft Freeman boats. How much? Well, if our numbers are any indication — tons (and that’s a technical term)!

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Vic Teumer and Billy Wells swordfish. swordfish action daytime

Captain Billy Wells is no stranger to long days on the Gulf of Mexico, and no stranger to the deft art of daytime swordfish action. This spring, his keen sense of timing and adventure was spot on. As usual, customers come down to Venice to fish with Capt. Billy and they almost always want to catch yellowfin tuna.

However, once the ice box is filled with six or seven, sometimes 12 or more tuna, most anglers agree — that’s enough meat for our friends and family back home. Let’s turn our attention to another species.

That is when Billy suggests swordfish. Day dropping for swordfish has become more popular in recent years. Billy Wells, and captains Kevin Beach and Jordan Ellis all share a hand in adding to it’s popularity. The success these captains have had with yellowfin tuna is the stuff of legend, the success they’ve had with daytime swordfish drops is something to ponder and — for offshore charter customers — something to relish.

When going with MGFC for swordfish you witness the full set of skill, experience, and insider knowledge — gifts that come only from many days, nights, months and years on the same body of water.

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