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manta ray, yellowfin tuna and dorado venice, la. video still

Video clip from Inside Sportfishing, featuring Capt. Kevin Beach, the Pale Horse, Mexican Gulf Fishing Co. (MGFC) and Venice, LA.

Inside Sportfishing, travels the globe to capture the essence of what sport fishing is about.

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Good God, it was nice to be back on the water. After the crush of the holiday season, not to mention an uncooperative Mother Nature near the end of 2013, we’ve hit the water in January, and we’re seeing good action. These guys were pleased to have a mess of yellowfin tuna to take back with them to South Carolina.

Yellowfin tuna and wahoo looking good now, and from here should be steady. Blue water is starting to move in close.

We’ll be looking for yellowfin, wahoo, blackfin and amberjack.

Is your team out of the NFL playoffs? Are you looking for something to do now that college football season has ended?

Now’s the time: Call MGFC and book a trip for a blue water fishing charter in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The closed areas within the DeSoto Canyons in the Gulf of Mexico were established to reduce the bycatch and discards of juvenile billfish, swordfish, and other marine life. The benefits of these longline closed zones have been important for the recreational fishing community.

Greater numbers of billfish and swordfish were caught recreationally in recent years. NMFS is now proposing to permit access to longline vessels in these closed zones. This action must be stopped! If NMFS allows longline fishing in these areas, it could not only have large ecological impacts but tremendous socio-economic impacts on the sportfishing community.

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