Fish Reports Venice, LA - MGFC

In the video below, Captain Kevin Beach, of the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company (MGFC) captured a massive bait ball in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pogies formed a column just beneath the water surface, and swam together in a concentric movement for as far as the eye can see. Bait balls are a defensive tactic deployed by forager fish and some small pelagic species. Bait balls like the one shown in this video are common in the Gulf of Mexico off Venice, LA, from October through January each year.

Defense mechanism that it is, the maneuver still attracts predators, and charter fishing captains, keen to put their customers on big yellowfin tuna.

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This video was made in July while fishing with Capt. Travis Mayeux on the Sweat Shop, a 33-ft Freeman Catamaran. The footage was made in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Venice, LA. Mayeux runs the Sweat Shop for MGFC. He’s one of four charter captains with the operation, which has a reputation for being among the best charter fishing companies in Louisiana. The video features tuna fishing with MGFC.

MGFC runs four fast boats ranging in size from 33-ft — 40-ft, all four designed and built by Freeman Boatworks.

This video shows nearly 7 minutes of footage of the 33-ft Sweat Shop running to various spots, and then landing righteous amounts of big tuna.

Want to experience a trip just like this one? Give us a call or use our Booking Form to tell us when you wanna fish, and what you wanna catch.

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Simrad NSO photo - MGFC.

Simrad’s NSO evo2 multifunction navigation system combines charting, sonar, radar and entertainment into dual widescreen displays — setting what the company calls a “new standard in the glass bridge navigation experience.” But, what’s it like in real world use?

“I have two words for Simrad,” says Capt. Kevin Beach, of MGFC, “Unmatched and outstanding.”

MGFC uses Simrad NSO & Simrad NSS on all four of its boats. Beach says Simrad’s function and ease of use are fantastic, but makes the point “SIMRAD’s performance can’t be beat.”

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See this video to experience tuna fishing with MGFC from Venice, LA.

This footage was captured by Capt. Kevin Beach, aboard the Pale Horse on June 15, 2014.

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inside sport fishing photo, mgfc venice, la

In this informative, and action-packed clip, Michael Fowlkes — host of Inside Sportfishing — shows what an incredible fishery the waters surrounding Venice, Louisiana offer anglers of all skill levels.

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