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yellowfin tuna photo winter time. mgfc

Venice, LA is known as the yellowfin tuna capital. Some things just don’t change. But, when live bait shows up in February — 2 months earlier than normal — you just know we’re in for a crazy good, fun summer with plenty of tuna action.

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hollywood south photo - venice, la.

Welcome to Hollywood South: New Orleans and South Louisiana are frequently used as locations for film and television productions. At Mexican Gulf Fishing, we’d like to welcome our newest captain, Capt. Jack Sparrow to the MGFC. 

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captain billy wells photo with yellowfin tuna. MGFC photo

Born and raised in New Orleans, I’ve been fishing since I was big enough to hold a pole, and I began working for hire when I was seventeen. Once became a captain, I’ve never looked back. This is what I was born to do.

Hi, I’m Capt. Billy Wells, and I fish from Venice, LA.

My satisfaction comes from seeing the excitement, and smiles and exhaustion that come when clients defeat a big fish. Nothing compares to sinking the gaff into a large yellowfin tuna and seeing the beautiful contrast of streaming blood in cobalt blue water. Nothing beats catching large tuna, seeing the look on people’s faces as they wonder if the fish will ever stop and hearing, “I can’t believe a fish can pull that hard.”

My philosophy is to run and run — to cover water. The fish are out there; it’s my job to find them.

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