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venice louisiana sunset photo. MGFC

It’s true: Sunsets look better when seen from the back of an MGFC Offshore charter.

This image was sent to us after a recent trip by our friend John Strome. He fished with Capt. Billy Wells on the f/v Wild Bill in August, 2014.

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offshore fishing venice. yellowfin tuna fishing photo. John Strome, MGFC, venice, LA

Offshore fishing Venice: MGFC fishes from Venice Marina. We take anglers on trips for  yellowfin tuna, wahoo, amberjack, marlin, sharks, and other tasty sea critters such as grouper, red snapper, mangrove snapper and mahi-mahi.

Fishing has been great all summer. We’ve had some mild days, and a few hot ones. But, the heat doesn’t seem to matter when you’re landing big fish and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

Offshore Fishing Venice: An MGFC photo gallery, provided by J. Strome. Click below to see more.

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daytime swordfish photo - mgfc

Gratitude is one thing, but attitude is another. Capt. Jordan Ellis and his offshore charter displayed both on their trip this weekend. The group, fishing from the F/V ShockWave, a 40-ft Freeman Boatworks catamaran, went out of Venice, and quickly landed six yellowfin tuna.

Content and thankful for that haul, they went looking for dolphin, and caught a couple mahi. But, the mahi weren’t plentiful, and the day was young.

Ellis made a recommendation, when he turned to his group of six and said, “how bout we get us some daytime swordfish?”

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yellowfin tuna photo - mgfc.

Captain Travis Mayeux, on board the F/V Sweat Shop, helped a family have a great day fishing for yellowfin tuna out of Venice, LA.

The Sweat Shop was out on a beautiful day.

Louisiana summers are known for their heat, but the weather has been fantastic lately, bright sun, calm winds, cool breezes and plenty of bait which means plenty of nice sized fish.

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This video was made in July while fishing with Capt. Travis Mayeux on the Sweat Shop, a 33-ft Freeman Catamaran. The footage was made in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Venice, LA. Mayeux runs the Sweat Shop for MGFC. He’s one of four charter captains with the operation, which has a reputation for being among the best charter fishing companies in Louisiana. The video features tuna fishing with MGFC.

MGFC runs four fast boats ranging in size from 33-ft — 40-ft, all four designed and built by Freeman Boatworks.

This video shows nearly 7 minutes of footage of the 33-ft Sweat Shop running to various spots, and then landing righteous amounts of big tuna.

Want to experience a trip just like this one? Give us a call or use our Booking Form to tell us when you wanna fish, and what you wanna catch.

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